Long Lashes

chroma + co. policies

deposit policy:


$25 for full sets

$15 for refills

deposits can be sent via Venmo to @chromaandco

put your favorite emoji in the description! DO NOT reference “deposit”

the deposit will go towards your total service + the remaining balance will owed on the day of your appointment

no deposit = no appointment

all deposits are 100% non-refundable

must be sent within 24 hours of the approved booking time, otherwise your appointment will be considered as cancelled on the client’s end


home-based in Chantilly, VA

free street parking is available

please consider that I have a (cute + friendly) puppy. if you are allergic, consider booking a mobile appointment.

mobile / house calls

available for a fee within a 15 mile radius

any parking costs must be covered by the client


new client policy:

we ask that new clients arrive 10 minutes prior to their service to fill out the New Client Consent form (if you have not already done so online) and get settled

if you do not arrive 10 minutes before your service, the time it takes to fill out paperwork will be deducted from your total service time

please keep in mind that there may be other appointments after yours, yet we will always do our best to accommodate you


booking policy:

a credit card must be on file to hold all appointments, however, you may pay as you please upon arrival if you choose not to pay when booking

credit card information is only held for any charges pertaining to a violation of policy (no-shows, late fees, cancellations or reschedules within the 24 hour period before the appointment time)

For no shows, we reserve the right to charge a no show fee to the credit card on file totaling 50% of the service to those that do not show up to an appointment or that violate the tardiness policy

we strongly suggest pre-booking any fills after your service to ensure you are able to schedule the appointment at the time + date needed to avoid any additional fees for retention loss/grown out lashes

clients must be 18 years or order to receive services


tardiness policy:

please arrive 10 minutes early or at least on time!

if you’re running late (within the 15 minute grace period) please let me know ASAP, not after your appointment should have started

if you are less than 15 minutes late, we will try our best to make your lashes as full as possible in the tine allotted. you will still be charged full price

If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will try out best to accommodate you but we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment. please keep in mind that we will do our best to accommodate your session

if your appointment is cancelled due to tardiness, your deposit is forfeited + you will be charged a cancellation fee

kindly keep in mind that tardiness affects both myself + other clients who could’ve utilized that time. lashes are a luxury services + I only strive to offer the best to my clients, which doesn’t happen when I’m rushed

bottom line: please respect my time as I will respect yours 

cancellations + rescheduling policy:

​at chroma + co. we understand that unforeseen events happen + that you may need to cancel your appointment

please provide at least a 48 hour notice if you need to reschedule. we can work together to find a better time, but the heads up is greatly appreciated

clients who do not confirm their appointment within the 48 hour window before their appointment time will be cancelled

a 50% cancellation fee will be charged for any no-shows or cancellations within the 24 hour window + your deposit will be forfeited. a new deposit will be required to reschedule

clients with more than two cancellations will not be allowed to book again

all deposits can be transferred up to two times (if the original appointment(s) is rescheduled. this does not apply to no-shows or cancellations within the 24 hour period before the scheduled appointment)

fill policy:

book your fills every 2-3 weeks

fills MUST have 40% of lashes on EACH eye still remaining to be considered a fill

if there are not 40% of lashes on each eye, you will be charged for a full set 

if you’re unsure about how much of your lashes are left, feel free to send me a picture + I’ll let you know!

anything longer than 21 days will be a full set

foreign fills: due to the nature of each lash technician’s craft, I do not work over other other’s work

refund policy:

due to the nature of the services offered, which include the use of products + time spent, there are no refunds

thank you for understanding!


cell phone policy:

​​we ask that all cell phones are put on silent during treatments. if you are receiving a lash service, we ask that you do not open your eyes to check devices until after your service is complete being that we using tweezers, adhesive + other items near the delicate eye area. doing so also takes time away from your service + may irritate during +/or after your session

children + pets policy:

please, no children or pets in the treatment rooms (applicable to studio and mobile areas appointments)

eyelash extensions take a lot of concentration and we ask that there are no distractions in the room

we reserve the right to cancel/reschedule an appointment in the event children are present and unsupervised in

which case our cancellation policy may take effect

before your appointment:

come with absolutely NO makeup, lotions/moisturizers or face products (especially oil-based) on

a $15 makeup removal fee will be charged if you arrive to your appointment + the time taken to remove makeup will be deducted from your session + you will still be charged full price

I’m unable to properly adhere lash extensions to lashes that have makeup/residue buildup. in more serious cases, it can lead to irritation + infections

dress comfy! you’ll be asked to remove your shoes  + you’ll be lying down for a matter of hours

avoid caffeinated drinks!


do not use heavy oil-based products on or around the eye area - this build-up will result in poor lash retention

the use of steam rooms/saunas will affect the curl + retention of your lashes

do not put heat near your lashes as it may burn them (being close to a candle, opening the oven or using the stovetop)

do not sleep on your side or on your face. sleep on your back to prevent crushing your lashes

avoid rubbing, pulling or tugging on your lash extensions! reach out to schedule a removal if you need them removed

clean your lashes 1-2 times a day with lash extension-safe shampoo (preferably in the morning + before bed)

aftercare kits are available for purchase! pick one up at your next appointment

ran out of lash shampoo? in an effort to be eco-friendly, bring the bottle from your aftercare kit to be refilled

do not use falsies (strip lashes) or get lash glue on your lash line + lash extensions

DO NOT curl or put mascara on your lash extensions! this will greatly affect your retention + reduce

the life of your investment. doing so will also result in a full set instead of a refill